Understanding Day Trading and Its Myths

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Day trading

A day trader is an individual who buys and sells a multitude of shares in a single day, ensuring that they have no open positions every evening at the close of the markets. As with any strategy, there are advantages and disadvantages in using such a strategy. It is appropriate to separate the myths from the realities regarding this day trading strategy. Here are some myths about day trading that no person should ignore.

Day trading can be done automatically

Whether it is because of famous movies or traders, most people think that day trading can be mastered in a couple of hours, and that the day trader does not have to work more than a few hours a day to make their profits. Although having a strategy and a trading plan helps to save time, day trading is much more than a 9 to 5 job as most think. From 9 am to 5 pm, traders are working at their best.

But, it is necessary for each trader to refine their trading plan according to the pre-opening and after-market actions. This is when they should analyze what worked, what did not work, ways to improve their methods and how to implement them the next day. Being a successful day trader takes a lot of capital.

Traders work hard

Since each day trader plays on the volume gained, the quantity earned and not a strong performance, they cannot afford to be absent from their computer (even if it is to take a bathroom break). A day trader earns his or her “bread” on micro-movements; in a matter of minutes, he or she can win or lose a fortune. Traders cannot take breaks whenever they feel like it because being successful at their job is their job.

If traders aren’t 100% committed, they will fail and will, thus, cost their clients thousands of dollars in a just a few minutes.