How To Find The Right Custom Plastic Parts Manufacturer

Plastic parts are produced through a process known as custom plastic extraction. This is a manufacturing process where raw plastic materials are melted down and formed into the desired plastic parts. Before you choose a manufacturer for your custom parts, you must consider things like capabilities and production capacitates because they can vary greatly from one manufacturer to the other. Here are some of the factors you should consider.

Strategic Plan

You should consider whether or not you are looking for a long term relationship. You need to locate a good cultural and strategic fit. Do your due diligence and take your time in uncovering a manufacturers professional reputation in that industry. During your research, don’t just look at the positive reviews to determine how good they are, look for the red flags and see how bad things can get.

The Process Type

Different manufacturers use different manufacturing processes that include extrusion, co-extrusion, tri-extrusion as well as crosshead extrusion coatings.

The Plastic Materials

The plastic extrusion materials are used in different applications and each of them has their unique properties. One of the most important aspects of hiring a manufacturer is considering the extrusion materials they use for the custom parts. You have to be sure that the parts will be manufactured successfully and will perform as properly as is expected. In case you are not sure about the kind of plastic extrusion materials that would be best for your parts, an engineer can assist you in that area. There are also numerous grade types for the extrudable materials so you should choose a company that can produce the grade you need.


If you have a significant production volume requirement, it is essential to know the production capabilities of the manufacturer. The manufacturer should also be able to provide you with extensive capabilities in terms of the design, tooling and fabrication. With these plastic extrusion capabilities, a manufacturer is able to produce high quality custom parts that meet the requirements of their customers. The finishes should be considered as well as they could be matt, glossy or textured. That means your custom plastic parts manufacturer should know about the latest finishes in the market.


Custom plastic extrusion needs tooling, which is a lot cheaper compared to injection molding. A quality extrusion manufactures ought to offer you state of the art tooling capabilities. They should have an experienced team that designs, engineers and tests all tooling. This will improve productivity, efficiency, safety and reduce costs.

Customer Service

When working with any manufacturer, the process will become easier if they have working customer services that communicate effectively. A great manufacturing company is determined by the quality of customer services they offer. If for instance you have any last minute requests or want to change your order, you need to know that someone will be there to attend to you and support you. This will be more important if you are looking for a long term relationship. For it to be successful custom plastic parts manufacturer there needs to be helpful and pleasant customer service.


You must consider these things when you are looking for the right manufacturer. As long as you evaluate their previous work and ensure they can provide you with all your requirements at a reasonable price, you will find a good company to work with.