Convert Your Waste on Site

For various types of business, both small and large, finding a way to convert their waste materials on site is a challenge. However, that doesn’t have to be the case when you have a micro anaerobic digester in place. It doesn’t have to be expensive, take up lots of room, or be difficult to operate. You can get a free assessment and if you like what you hear, get the details.

You can ask questions about the right size of micro anaerobic digester and even if you should get one above or below ground. An expert is able to come to your location and assess your needs. Based on their findings, they can share with you the pros and cons of the various options on the table. They can also share the installation process and the cost with you.

Overall Cost

For any business, the overhead involved with changes has to be addressed. What is the overall cost to get the micro anaerobic digester and for the installation of it? How much will you be able to benefit from in the end? For example, if you have a farm, will you be able to convert that waste into enough fertilizer that you will no longer need to pay for that expense?

Will you be in compliance with the laws? This is important to evaluate too because you don’t want to get into legal trouble due to waste materials that can harm others. If they get into the water or other supplies, you may be fined or even face criminal charges. You need a device in place that is going to safeguard you from such an outcome and the legal costs involved.


Another issue to think about is where you will put it. The amount of space you have available doesn’t have to be a huge issue. A professional can address this with you and let you know. They will provide you with details on the size they think you need for your day to day operations both now and the forecast for the future.

Some of the micro anaerobic digester products are short and wide. Others are tall and skinny. There are those that go above ground and those that sit under the soil. This all adds up to you having plenty of options so you can get results that work well for you in the end. There is enough flexibility that you aren’t forced to allocate space you don’t really have for the placement.


It shouldn’t be a difficult or time-consuming process to operate the micro anaerobic digester either. In fact, most of the models offered to day get the job done with automation. There is very little ongoing work or maintenance that you or anyone who works for you will be required to take on. This is a great benefit as you don’t need more on your agenda to take care of daily.

The Best Solution

Adding an micro anaerobic digester may be the bests solution for your business and how to properly take care of waste. It is worth it to invest your time to see who is out there offering such services, what they recommend, and what they will charge you. They should also be able to give you a clear timeframe for the work to be completed within.

Verify the credentials of the provider and get a written contract in place before the work moves forward. When this is all done correctly, the details fall into place and everyone follows through with what they agreed to. This can be a great change for your business!